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Terms of Use - DirtyShack.com

Welcome dear user, our terms of use for dirtyshack are pretty straight forward. We do not allow any illegal porn containing.
  • Forced / Unwanted Sex or Acts Of Sexualism
  • Minors (people under 18 and/or below the age of conducting any sexual explicit act).
  • Animals / Zoofilia
  • Any other type of porn that is illegal in your country/state.
We like perverse and kinky stuff but we do not allow/want any illegal materials on our website. Also harrasing an admin or a fellow user is strictly forbidden. Doing so will be a direct termination of the account and access to our website. 
Our website may also contain certain links to third party websites/advertisers. We are in no way owner or in control of the content that is published there, we try to maintain a clean website but are not responsible for the content that they publish and or show. If anything illegal is to be seen contact us right away so we can get this removed!
Sharing your account and or creating multiple accounts to spam and or promote any commercial products that you directly or indirectly own is strictly forbidden and will be considerd as spam. Do not abuse your account as you are responsable for it.
We hope you enjoy your stay on dirtyshack and share some of your own (legal) videos and pictures!
- The dirtyshack Team.